A New Season

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Will the premier League remain with Manchester City or find a new home this season?

A new season and a chance to combine two loves: Travelling and Football!

The 2018/19 football season provided yet more excitement; intrigue and debate across the country and across Europe, from a closely fought Premier League title race between Manchester City and Liverpool to the rise of Salford City to the EFL for the first time to the late drama of the Champions League Semi-Finals. Despite this excitement, the debates regarding wages; agents and behaviours of all involved in the clubs continues to make unwanted headlines across the globe.

A story is told every season across all clubs and all leagues. Thankfully enough, this is where I come in.

Now that the league fixtures for the 2019/20 season have been released (at least across England and Scotland, I have yet to check other countries), my need to travel and experience football has me salivating at the new season starting. I have traveled to different cities for football games in the past, but never really stopped to realise how these teams are playing or what their current situation is (on or off the pitch). I just wanted to see new stadiums, which is something a lot of people already attempt to do (anyone heard of “The 92 Club”?).

I’ll spare the details of what this blog is all about in detail (the About page will say the same thing), but my love of travelling and football is something I have longed wanted to combine. For one reason or another, it has not been possible to do so (read as working shifts), but this is the season for me to change that.

And I want you all to experience that with me.

Each match that I attend or watch on TV (preferably live in person) I will try to put up an article on the trip and the experience itself. It’s something that can remind me of how the trip went like a travel blog to an extent, but also provide some match analysis and thoughts on the teams and players.

I hope you all enjoy this new venture and the content that is forthcoming. Bring on the New Season!

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